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"99.2% of all businesses fail online. I will make sure yours succeeds!"

- Laurence Samuels, Owner of Broadstone Media

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When I first started in business I approached a web designer to build me a site. I remember the designer asking me how I wanted the website to visually appear but asked me nothing about the actual business itself and what I was attempting to market and sell. When marketing a business and building your website, it is imperative you think of marketing before the actual website itself.

What good is a website if it doesn’t convert? I have seen some beautiful websites with top notch graphics that simply don’t convert because they lack fundamental marketing messages.

When choosing a designer to build your companies website, ask them what marketing experience they have and how they plan to use marketing within the site.

My clients websites are built around a well thought out marketing plan and yes the websites look visually top notch as well.

Let’s put our heads together and formulate a plan to poistion your business for online and offline success.

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