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"99.2% of all businesses fail online. I will make sure yours succeeds!"

- Laurence Samuels, Owner of Broadstone Media

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99.2% of all Businesses Fail Online. Find Out the Real Secret to Business Success

Feb 27, 2024

I give you the 5 failure avoiding secrets on how to make sure your business suceeds online. It took me 2 years of failing to finally break free of the mistakes nearly all business owners make in the online world.


Why Not Using Paid Advertising Is Actually Costing You Money

June 13, 2012

avery 150x150 Why Not Using Paid Advertising Is Actually Costing You MoneyThis week guest writer and IM genius Avery Berman tells his paid advertising secrets. Avery has been in the marketing business since his early teens and is one of the few marketers I have met who tells it like it is with no fluffy b/s added on top. Plus I like Avery because he still has a Myspace page..he doesn’t care what anyone thinks! =) Oh and he’s also a pretty good musician.

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The Truth about the BBB – Avoid!

June 7, 2012

bbb1 150x150 The Truth about the BBB   Avoid!Ahhh the Better Business Bureau. An American tradition seeped in history. Did you know they just celebrated their hundred year anniversary?

Before I knew better, seeing the BBB logo next to a business used to fill me with me warm and fuzzy feelings. Now I feel differently..

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How to Use Powerful Website Headlines To Crush Your Competitors!

May 21, 2012

How many websites have you visited that don’t have a clear message? If you can’t spot the message on your website in 3 seconds you have failed. Find out how to quickly fix this problem.

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