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"99.2% of all businesses fail online. I will make sure yours succeeds!"

- Laurence Samuels, Owner of Broadstone Media

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Website Design

WARNING! Before you hire a web designer read this:

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When I first started in business I needed a website so I approached a reputable local web designer to ask for a bid. I remember the designer telling me how great he was at graphics design and asked me how I wanted the website to visually appear. He asked me nothing about my actual business and what I was attempting to market and sell.

Being wet behind the ears in regards to the online world (this was in 1997!) I didn’t think much to his lack of questions.

Fast forward to today and it still amazes me just how little web designers know about marketing websites. You see the problem is most web designers are artists rather than entrepreneurs. Most can put together visually stunning websites but 99% of the time, these sites lack a strong sales message.

As a consumer, if you can’t see a strong sales message withing 3 seconds then your website is a failure. The average person looks at a website for 3 seconds before making a decision whether to hit the dreaded “X” or continue viewing.

My goal when designing a brand/website is to create a strong sales message that will capture potential customers attention quickly and give them reasons to want to continue viewing your site. This is why I believe I marketing first, web design second.

I design websites including the following:

- Ecommerce sites with custom Content Management Systems such as Dr. Paula’s Skincare

- Advanced Social Media sites such as VIP Watch Club

- Custom WordPress Applications such as Petris Fine Arts and Dr. Paula Dhanda

- Simple information based websites such as Fubar

As well as a stong message, I can create visually stunning websites that cover both ends of the design spectrum so please take a look at my web design potrfolio by clicking on the banner below or contact me for a no obligation marketing and design chat.

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