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"99.2% of all businesses fail online. I will make sure yours succeeds!"

- Laurence Samuels, Owner of Broadstone Media

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SEO / Search Engine Optimization

The search engine optimization world is filled with false information. While driving in your city, you may have noticed ad’s on the roadside offering Google #1 placement for $99. Many of these offers are misleading and in reality, if it was as easy as paying $99, everyone’s website would be on Google’s top spot. It simply isn’t so.

Search engines are a mysterious bunch. There are those who speculate that even company employees don’t understand how they choose to present results. This may or may not be true but what is true that there fundamental on and off page techniques that I use to make sure your website is ranked as high as possible.

Since search engine optimization techniques are changing all the time, it is important to stay relevant so I use only the techniques that are tried and tested. Learn more about my orlando seo services.

Contact me today and we can have an honest conversation about how Google placement works and what I can do to help position your business using Google’s Local  Maps and organic search results.


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